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Outdoor Shades Ross

Measured Motorized Window Treatments Custom Made

From vertical blinds with overlapping vanes to blackout curtains and Roman shades – choose the best room darkening or sheer window coverings for your Ross area condo, office, or house.

Outdoor Shades Ross

Whether you’re interested in simple blinds for a kitchen space or adding new window shutters to large office spaces, we’ve got the products, experience, and quality materials to help. We craft custom made window treatments for residential and commercial Ross properties. Our extensive selection of motorized blinds, outdoor shades, and various draperies includes everything from sheer to blackout features and all sorts of Wi-Fi and smart Somfy remote control systems. By consulting with our professionals (free of charge) you can customize new made-to-measure window shades, blinds, or other coverings to meet all your needs. And to fit your budget too!

Remote Control Motorized Blinds With Wi-Fi

A newly popular way to utilize motorized window treatments in your home or business is with Wi-Fi. We work with brands like Somfy to bring customers from all around Ross and nearby motorized blinds that use your local Wi-Fi network to connect to the motors. That way, you can use your phone to raise, lower, or adjust the vane position of your motorized blinds. With made-to-measure motorized blinds and window shades, controlling indoor brightness and sunlight levels becomes an effortless venture. You can lie comfortably in your bed and just push the remote control button or reach for your smartphone to move the motorized blinds to whichever position you want.

Outdoor Shades – Decks & Patios

An overhead canopy for decks, gazebos, and other outdoor structures goes a long way to add convenience and comfort to your patio. Shades for outdoors offer you protected areas of cool comfort even when the sun reins high in the sky. Patio shades with remote controls utilize blinds motorization to easily let you adjust their position. Motorized outdoor shades make spending time outdoors pleasant and fun, regardless of the time of day. Our range of custom made patio shades offers customers waterproof covers in all sorts of styles. That way, you can complement the patio décor with new motorized outdoor shades that enhance utility as well.

Window Blinds With Curtains – Drapes & Valances

The causal drapery that many people love for their elegant looks hasn’t gone out of style yet. You can choose blinds or shades for your Ross home or office space, and combine them with curtains, drapes, or smaller decorative features like valances. Roman shades, in particular, have become popular for their curtain-like designs. But even blinds with valances and curtains have become a popular option that maximizes your sunlight control capabilities. Choosing window blinds with curtains gives you precision in terms of natural lighting usage as well as an overlay of fabric (sheer or blackout) to add décor as well. Blackout curtains and blinds combine really well to maximize sleeping conditions and privacy.

Roman Shades With Valances

Another very aesthetically pleasing choice, Roman shades already utilize the elegant nature of curtains. But when combined with valances, Roman shades take things up a notch. Choosing Roman shades with valances gives you a very unique decorative look. And you can also go for different enhancements of utility. Sheer Roman shades let diffused sunlight in, reducing glare and letting you use natural light to brighten up your indoors. Blackout Roman shades do the opposite, blocking sunlight and allowing for more privacy and dark settings. Perfect for Ross bedrooms, blackout Roman shades, or other similarly opaque window curtains and shades will provide a very excellent choice.

Ross Blinds – Local Source

With our US-based manufacturer and experienced blinds and shades designers, you can create a beautiful and functional window treatment option for any property in the area. Go with blinds for better adjustability via vanes and cordless measures. Thinking about simple additions for pleasant décor? Our roller shades, motorized or simple manual versions, have plenty to offer. And then there are all the outdoor shades and canopies we make for patios, decks, and pavilions. Contact us to start customizing everything and to get a free estimate on new blinds, curtains, or shades for your Ross apartment, business, or house. 

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Mill Valley Blinds Makers & Installers

Mill Valley Blinds Makers & Installers

We're the no.1 local source for custom made window treatments in the area. With us, you get the complete package, from the initial consultation to the final installation.
Free At-Home Estimates

Free At-Home Estimates

Our window blinds experts will come to your Mill Valley residence (or commercial business) to measure, recommend, and let you customize the best blinds, shades or other coverings for you.
Blackout Motorized Blinds

Blackout Motorized Blinds

What's better than remote control window treatments with Wi-Fi? The same kind that also completely darken the room when closed. And we can make all sorts of electric blinds that provide the highest levels of privacy and blackout conditions.
Low Costs – Quality Blinds

Low Costs – Quality Blinds

All our custom shading products come with a warranty. Their high-quality makes them incredibly durable. But the price doesn't inflate as a result!

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