Motorized Venetian blinds, beautiful Roman shades & more!
Motorized Window Coverings in Tamalpais Valley

Motorized window coverings bring the best of modern technology and stylish decor into your property.

Ideal for any Tamalpais Valley home or workplace, these are a great choice for any situation.

Motorized Window Coverings in Tamalpais Valley

In the past, people used to focus just on the decorative aspect of custom window coverings. Motorized blinds and shades have changed all that because they support a huge range of features like remote control operation. Motorized coverings, rolling shutters, and smart blinds bring tons of benefits to do with sunlight and climate control. We’re the top smart blinds installers near Tamalpais Valley, offering made-to-measure systems that fit to all homes and workplaces.

Why Choose Motorized Window Coverings

When you want to let more sunlight into a room, or cut out harsh glare, automatic window coverings with remote control make this easy to achieve. In addition, there’s plenty of specific uses these fit into, such as blackout motorized blinds for bedrooms in Tamalpais Valley. Improve your sleep by blocking out unwanted sunlight. Opting for sheer motorized blinds allows plenty of sunlight to pass through, but it gets diffused by the material. This leads to an attractive ambiance, perfect for living rooms and offices alike. Automatic blinds are really popular, and more and more properties are starting to feature them. To enhance any workplace or residence, we recommend looking at what motorized window coverings can provide.

Motorized Outdoor Shade Solutions

Outdoor shades for patios, pergolas, and decks are a must-have because without them you can’t get protection from UV rays. Motorized canopies and shades, and motorized awnings, make it really easy to obscure harmful radiation. They also give you a bit more privacy, too. Our made-to-measure motorized patio covers come in a range of waterproof canopies and other designs to fit pavilions, gazebos, pool areas, and decks. When you choose a motorized outdoor covering for your Tamalpais Valley yard, porch, or other outdoor space, you’re getting a brilliant upgrade for your property.

Low-Cost Motorized Blinds In Tamalpais Valley

We provide cost-effective designs and materials for a huge selection of different products. Whether it’s motorized outdoor shades or a set of automatic blinds for living rooms, our Tamalpais Valley motorized window covering installers will provide it. See how your property can benefit from our cutting-edge remote control window treatment technology by booking a free consultation today. Get in touch now to set up your appointment. 

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Mill Valley Blinds Makers & Installers

Mill Valley Blinds Makers & Installers

We're the no.1 local source for custom made window treatments in the area. With us, you get the complete package, from the initial consultation to the final installation.
Free At-Home Estimates

Free At-Home Estimates

Our window blinds experts will come to your Mill Valley residence (or commercial business) to measure, recommend, and let you customize the best blinds, shades or other coverings for you.
Blackout Motorized Blinds

Blackout Motorized Blinds

What's better than remote control window treatments with Wi-Fi? The same kind that also completely darken the room when closed. And we can make all sorts of electric blinds that provide the highest levels of privacy and blackout conditions.
Low Costs – Quality Blinds

Low Costs – Quality Blinds

All our custom shading products come with a warranty. Their high-quality makes them incredibly durable. But the price doesn't inflate as a result!

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