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Blackout Blinds

Blackout Shades | Mill Valley CA

Why not get new window treatments that look great, and serve a helpful purpose as well? Blackout blinds come in a variety of styles to match your tastes, and can completely darken any room. Master Automated Blinds & Shading takes pride in the quality of our room darkening window covers. We love matching customers with treatments that suit their style, budget, and needs. Whether you want to turn your living room into a home theater or ensure better sleep, this type of window treatment will be sure to help. And, with free consultations from our team, you can rest assured you’re getting the perfect fit. Learn how else blackout blinds can improve your home or business by reading further below.

Blackout Blinds Made for Mill Valley Glass Doors and Skylights

Have you been searching for a way to help reduce energy spending in your home? We have just the thing! Both patio doors and skylights can allow in a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day if they’re uncovered, or have the wrong fit of window treatments. This heats up your home and causes the temperature to go up, which forces your AC to run even when it may not need to. Uncovered windows such as these also allow heat out in the winter. However, blackout blinds will take care of it! They will thoroughly block out the sun during the summer, and help with insulation in the winter as well.

Upgrade Your Office with Blackout Window Treatments

Installing blackout window treatments is an easy way to help improve efficiency, and work output, in any office building! That’s because no other type of window covering works as well as these to keep out all light from outside that might cause glare on monitor screens, including any cracks around the outside of the blackout blinds themselves. Employees staring at glare for too long can hurt their eyes, and a clear screen means they can work without hindrance. Blackout treatments also make viewing projections easier and assure privacy when added to board room windows or private offices.

Mill Valley Blackout Bedroom Window Blinds

Do you or your children have a hard time sleeping due to a too bright streetlamp outside, or lights from cars playing across the walls? Maybe due to your work schedule, you need to sleep during the day sometimes? Blackout blinds can be a huge help with all of the issues, and make certain that you’re getting the proper rest you need to remain healthy. These window coverings will completely darken any bedroom, and keep out unwanted outside light. Not even the slightest glow will get through! You and your family will be sleeping more soundly in no time with blackout blinds on your bedroom windows.

Motorized Blackout Blinds to Simplify Your Life

There’s no need to be stuck with manual strings for your window treatments any longer! Blackout blinds are available in motorized forms, which will make opening and closing them a breeze. Whether you want them connected to your smart home system and to use an app on your smartphone or you want wall sensors to take care of it all, our Mill Valley motorized blinds experts will be happy to get you set up with the perfect fit. See all the available combinations and features for blackout blinds, motorized or manually-operated, by booking a free estimate appointment today!


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